It is widely accepted that young children learn most effectively through first-hand experience. It is important to remember that young children want to learn, are interested in the world around them and are eager to explore it.

Teachers only give direction, often children want to take the initiative and discover the world on their own. Moreover, it should be noted that children learn at different rates and therefore should not be pushed or pressured into learning, this only frustrates and discourages him.

To promote learning,children need an environment rich with tools for interaction discovery with other children and child-directed play; all this combined with our own education method and ideas allow a child to learn and develop.

Children learn directly through play. We make the classroom inviting and interesting with toys that are changed frequently. We strive to get the children involved, curious and enthusiastic about their world of play.

Learning involves using and processing through all of the senses. These sensory experiences are blended into daily activities.
Children love to sing and dance! Music and movement is an integral part of each day. Children learn to follow directions, enjoy the rhythm of dance and have fun with body movements.

Creativity through art is also first developing at this very young age. Emphasis is placed on the experience of the process and not on the finished product. Various materials are introduced for the toddlers to explore. Art is planned each day.

Children are read a variety of stories and books frequently, throughout each day. The importance of reading to all children cannot be over-emphasized.

Keeping a clean and sanitized school is the only way to keep children healthy. Frequent hand washing, proper diapering procedures and good nutrition are an important part of our program.

Our commitment to outdoor play includes visiting our neighborhood playground in Citylife for our Nursery school in Viale Cassiodoro and using our on-site garden in Largo Quinto Alpini. Playing outside affords the children the opportunities to run, climb, dig, slide and explore their natural environment. We play outdoors year round, weather permitting.

Young children thrive on routine. Although the activities vary from day to day, the routines and rituals remain the same. They become the expectations of the children, promoting independence and success.

The atmosphere of the class is one of nurturance, patience, caring, respecting and enjoyment.

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