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It is in the early years of a child’s life that they develop essential skills and lay the foundations for later development.

Our programme, based on the EYFS curriculum, focuses on helping our children develop independence, social awareness and language. Our approach to early childhood education is based on the concept that through play children start to develop physically, mentally and socially.

At Follador we consider play to be of vital importance to children’s all-round development.

Play provides opportunities for children not only to develop confidence and use creativity and imagination but to learn to control their emotions and develop relationships and social skills.

In terms of preparation for formal schooling (pre-school – kindergarten) children are encouraged to sharpen their listening and observational skills, learn to be cooperative members of a large group and follow reasonable rules.

We believe that children who are given the opportunity to attend nursery will be able to better adjust to the more structured expectations of pre-school.

Physical development is vital to all areas of learning. We promote this through physical activities. Children will also take regular trips to the playground and the neighborhood parks. Small muscle and fine motor coordination is further developed in the classroom through a variety of sensory-based activities.

We promote cognitive growth by cultivating a disposition toward inquiry and learning. Teachers create opportunities for children to solve problems, make decisions, experiment, predict, plan and question in a variety of contexts and environments.

Language and literacy exposure in early childhood education is vital to development. We provide children with opportunities for all children to talk, discuss and share ideas in a conversational and text-rich environment.

Pre-school- kindergarten

Upon entering our pre-school – kindergarten play remains a crucial part of the child’s education. However, formal lessons in literacy, numeracy and science are introduced from the age of three; In their first year of their formal education children are taught to recognize numbers from one to ten, colours, shapes and basic phonics.

In the second year they move on to advanced shapes and sequences, begin writing, are taught basic sight words and numbers from eleven to twenty.

In their final year, children are taught addition and subtraction, advanced sight words, spelling and reading as well as continuing to improve their writing skills. Science lessons are based on theme of the month and tailored to help develop specific skills.

In order to deepen the children’s understanding we organize monthly school trips and activities. Whether the children are in a lesson or completing a structured or free play activity they are encouraged to ask questions about how the world works and to share their thoughts and opinions on what they have experienced.

From the ages of three until six, children learn fundamental social skills such as playing with other children, learning to take turns, sharing with peers and becoming independent.

Our staff provide a relaxed learning environment, promoting curiosity, in order to give your child the best possible preparation for the next steps in their education.

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