Our staff provide an EYFS based curriculum which is centered around a new theme each month. If necessary, adjustments are made at out weekly planning meetings depending on how the children have reacted to what they have learned. While planning, we ensure that we take into consideration what may be happening at home or in the community, for example, the arrival of a new baby, so that we can help your child through the transition. We not only look at your child’s needs and current stage of development, but at their interests, so we can create learning objectives that are tailored to them as individuals.

We provide the children at both schools with a range of activities that encompass both indoor and outdoor activities. At the Nursery school, we focus on all areas of the children’s development through tactile and role play, music, stories and circle times. Whereas at our Quinto Alpini school which caters for children from pre-school to kindergarten (year 1 in the English school system) we incorporate elements of music, theatre and art to the base curriculum which concentrates on literacy, numeracy and science.

Preschool Curriculum
Our curriculum helps your child grow and develop in many areas including:

Physical Development: This includes their Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Hand Eye Coordination, Body Coordination, Rhythm and General Movement.

Socio-emotional Development: Includes the Interpersonal Concepts and the Building of Relationships.

Cognitive Development: Mathematical Concepts that include Shapes, Counting,​ Classifying, Size Differences and Opposites. Science, that will explore Foods,​ Animals, Plants and the Environment.

​Language Development: Beginning with Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Letters and Name Recognition, Story Time, Developing Words, Sentences and their Structure.

​Creative Development: Which includes the Arts, Music, Drama Plays and Organized Play.

We are continuously evaluating our curriculum to ensure it is effective, stimulating and challenging for our children’s growth and development.

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